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Days of Logistics Innovation of SEAT

Maccion participates in the second Days of Logistics Innovation of SEAT.

The objective of the conference was to facilitate the direct contact between the logistics area and suppliers, to detect future projects applicable to the logistics of the company and to transmit the knowledge between the areas of the company. In addition, this initiative aims to bring the innovative world of logistics to all SEAT workers. During the two days, more than 1,000 production, quality and IT workers have passed through the event to learn about the latest technologies in the field of logistics from the hands of SEAT and companies.

In the 15 participating stands (six of SEAT and 9 of suppliers) were able to see and touch innovations of Picking through collaborative robotics, RFID systems, assisted movement of heavy containers, Big Data Systems, indoor location by led light, AGV without filoguiado , Indoor flight system of an unmanned dron for the realization of inventories, geolocation system of forklifts, vertical storage, Robotic picking systems, Kanban 4.0, simulator of the evolution of KPIs in the time, realization of field inventories by RFID and Autonomous robotics, process automation with BPM and AGV with collaborative robot. All this in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitated the exchange of impressions and knowledge between the different areas and the suppliers. Attendees had the opportunity to vote for their favorite innovation and sign up as participants in future pilot tests. In addition, this year gave attendees the opportunity to propose these innovations to improve their job.

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