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BiTrace® is the system that ensures the track and trace of any asset through the supply chain in real time.

Bitrace Bitrace

The solution is enabled thanks to the combination of the most advanced geolocation technologies.

Improvements for your production system:

Traceability through all the supply chain

Control and tracking of all the production flow

Geolocation and stock of assets in real time

Logistics management in connection to Kanban 4.0®

Integration with customer’s management system

Imagine that...


A non-quality of a client arrives and you have a trace of all the manufacturing stages of the product and its sub-components

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You know in real time the items that you have in every zone and location of your warehouse

Horas de funcionamiento

You can create your own dashboards for monitoring the stock levels in any location of your plant

Cambio de referencia

You can automatically manage the material movements depending on the current inventory status

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You can link all the valuable information of your product in every change of stage (machine, worker, checklist, comments, links, etc.)

... with BiTrace®, the track and trace of all the production of your factory

The main functionalities:

Design of the plant layout, its zones and locations

Configuration of transition rules to control the production flow

Real time monitoring of the state and location of the assets

Search and exportation tools for relevant information

The benefits:

Time reduction on shipments and relocations

Agility in front of planification changes

Flexibility on logistics and production

Control of the production flow stages and the composition of the product