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Maccion OEE® is an advanced system to manage the production and monitor the overall equipment effectiveness in real-time, by Maccion. This platform allows to quantify the productivity for each manufacturing process by measuring the efficiency of the industry machinery.
Maccion OEE® provides smart management of the production data to plan, measure and improve.


Procurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Computation of the efficiency of the work processes based on the measurement of its availability, performance and quality

Energetic effectiveness calculation of machines

Logistics system efficiency measure considering the quality of the supply tasks and computing the stock level

Detection, accounting and analyse of the stoppage, micro-stoppage and incidences in all work stations

Smart planning of production

Sistema MES

Manufacturing Execution System integrated to the ERP of the company

Sensores y dispositivos

Sensors and devices in the work places to manage the production series and the status of machines in real time

Re-planificación inteligente

Smart re-planning according to orders, workloads and status of machines

Metodologías de producción

Implementation of lean production methodologies: automatic planner, Kanban and QRM-Polca