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Kanban 4.0

Kanban 4.0® is the automatic system for material supply management developed by Maccion.

Kanban 4.0® helps our customers to lean their work processes and improve the efficiency of the material supply chain.

Kanban 4.0

Here the results of the installations in several production plants:

Response time reduction in more than 50%


Intermediate inventory reduction in more than 40%


Reduction of the production stoppage due to stock break in more than 25%


Total reduction of the wrong supplies due to human factor


Kanban 4.0® functionalities

Automatic calls

Automatic material supply calls using wireless sensors

Manual calls

Manual material supply calls using the workers terminal

Logistic group configuration

Logistic group configuration to manage the supply assignments

Part number changes

Part number changes in the material locations

Precision measuring

Precision measuring the stock level if several sensors are installed

Task assignments

Task assignments for the logistics workers depending on the manufacture conditions

Information panels for the plant workers

Information panels for the plant workers

E-mail sending

E-mail sending process to notify the executives, the purchasing department or suppliers

Connection to Maccion

Connection to Maccion OEE® to get reports of the supply chain efficiency