“Feel and manage the factory in real time”

Information systems by the hand of the industry 4.0

Our products

Automatic system for logistics management to achieve a lean production

Kanban 4.0

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Advanced system for monitoring the overall equipment effectiveness and control the production in real-time

Maccion OEE

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Smart system to manage the documentation in real-time at the work place according to the production context


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Our solutions

The platform to collect all the data from the shop floor: the digital twin of the factory


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Smart, universal and wireless sensors to collect all the information from the production plant


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Business intelligence tool for data analysis and continuous improvement


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Why Maccion

Because implementing 4.0 does not require a huge investment

Scalable and flexible solutions

Scalable and flexible solutions for connected industry

Smart sensors

We design and build our own hardware

Integration to SAP

Integration to ERP and other information systems of our clients


Committed with Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement

Response time reduction

Productivity improvement and response timereduction

Reduction and waste management

Work-In-Progress inventory reduction and waste management

Advanced platforms to analyze manufacturing

Advanced platform to analyze manufacturing processes and provide continuous improvement of the production system