Bi Trace

BiTrace® is the system that ensures real-time tracking and traceability of any asset within the entire supply chain.

The solution is enabled by the combination of the most advanced geolocation technologies.

Improvements to your production system:

Imagine what…

You receive a non-quality from your customer and you have a trace of all the production phases of the product and of its components

You know in real time the items you have in each zone and location of your warehouse.

You can create your dashboards to visualize the stock levels you have at each point of your factory.

You can manage material movements automatically based on the actual status of the inventory.

You can link all the information you want to the status changes of each product (machine, operator, checklist, comments, links, etc.).

…with BiTrace®, tracking and traceability of all your factory production

The main functionalities:

The benefits:

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