Kanban 4.0

Kanban 4.0® is Maccion’s automated internal logistics management system.

  • Kanban 4.0 in logistics warehouses
    Automatic material provisioning system
  • Kanban 4.0 in JIT production lines
    Automatic material provisioning system

Our customers use Kanban 4.0 ® to adjust their production and improve material sourcing efficiency.

The results of the implementations in different productive plants have been:

Reduction of procurement times by more than 50%.
Reduction of stock levels by more than 40%.
25% reduction in production stoppages due to stock breakage
100% reduction of human-induced procurement errors

The functionalities of Kanban 4.0 ®

Automatic call-up of materials by sensor

Manual material calls from a terminal

Configuration of procurement groups

Reference changes in material locations

Accurate stock level detection with the installation of multiple sensors

Assignment of replenishment tasks to operators based on working conditions

Information panels for operators in the plant

Sending e-mails to management, purchasing or suppliers

Connection to Maccion OEE for sourcing efficiency reporting

Success stories