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SMAC100 Sensors

Maccion develops its own wireless sensors which perform in very low consumption. They trigger when a change occurs in their state and transmit the information by means of radiofrequency technology. The mission of the SMAC100® sensors is to detect and notify events that may occur in a production plant.

wireless sensors

Some applications of this universal sensor:

gravity ramp Check

Counting of parts at a work place

Missing warehouse material Check

Lack of material automatic detection in a certain location in a warehouse

Monitoring of falls, vibrations and temperature of objects in the plant

Indoor and outdoor geolocation of objects

Movement tracking of a machine or a robot

Datalogger of multiple physical magnitudes

Technical features

More information

The packaging is industrial and impermeable

The packaging is industrial and impermeable

battery autonomy

The battery autonomy is greater than 10 years

add or replace the sensors

The sensors are easy to add or replace because no additional configuration is needed in the system

extended range of temperature

The sensors can perform in extended range of temperature that industrial environments require

transmission range

SMAC100® sensors have a transmission range of more than 100 meters in open field and several signal repeaters can be installed.